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Types of quality management

Types of quality management...Built-in-Quality, Right-First-Time (RFT), First-Time-Through (FTT), Quality Function Deployment (QFD), and Zero Defect (ZD) are some of the popular terms...
Types of quality management

Quality circles

  • Small groups of people who meet and share the responsibility of examining issues related to quality.
  • Improves the morale of workers as they feel needed.


  • A business comparing its products, operations and processes to others within the same industry, most commonly the market leader.
  • Market leaders are used as a point of reference for targets.

Historical benchmarking: comparing something to the past

Inter-firm benchmarking: comparing to another firm.

Total quality management (TQM)

  • A process requiring the whole company to commit to achieving quality standards.
  • It is a general approach/philosophy to ensure that quality is the core focus in all functional areas.
  • Includes: making workers accountable, monitoring processes, encouraging teamwork, customer reviews, zero defects.

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