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Market share

Market share...Market share an organisation’s portion of the total value of sale revenue within...
Market share

Market share an organisation’s portion of the total value of sale revenue within a specific industry.

Marketshare= Firm’ssalesrevenue Industry’ssalesrevenue ×100

Understanding Market Share

Understanding Market Share: A Guide for IB Business Management Students

Market share is a critical concept in business, representing an organization's portion of the total sales revenue within a specific industry. For students of IB Business Management, grasping this concept is essential, not just for exams but also for understanding real-world business dynamics.

What is Market Share?

In simple terms, market share is the percentage of total sales in an industry generated by a particular company. It's a measure of a company's competitiveness and can be calculated by the formula:

Market Share = (Sales Revenue of the Company / Total Sales Revenue of the Industry) x 100

Real-Life Example: The Coffee Shop Industry

Let's consider the UK coffee shop industry as an example. In 2022, the market was valued at £4.6 billion. Starbucks, a major player in this market, had sales of £328 million. To calculate Starbucks' market share, we use the formula:

Market Share of Starbucks = (£328 million / £4.6 billion) x 100 ≈ 7.13%

This means that Starbucks held approximately 7.13% of the UK coffee shop market in 2022.

Why is Market Share Important?

Market share is an indicator of market competitiveness, suggesting how well a company is doing against its competitors. A higher market share often indicates a competitive advantage in pricing, quality, or brand loyalty.

Market Share in the IB Curriculum

The IB Business Management curriculum emphasizes the importance of market share as it relates to marketing strategies and competitive positioning. Students are expected to understand how to calculate market share and interpret its implications for business decisions.

IB Exam Pattern

In IB exams, students may be asked to calculate market share using provided data and to analyze the significance of changes in market share. For example, a question might present a scenario where a company's market share has increased due to a successful marketing campaign, and students would need to discuss the potential impacts on the business.


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